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Updated: Jan 15

We are all trying to adjust to this dynamic new reality. Here is what we know.

Different Corona viruses can cause different disease syndromes in different animals, none of which pose any danger to human health.

So far your pets are safe from catching this form of Corona virus. A few cases have been seen in pets. Some showed the dogs were only contaminated with it's owner's virus. The virus did not replicate in the dog. We can have pets with suspicious symptoms checked by the diagnostic lab. The importance of our animals to our mental and physical well being far outweigh the extremely low risk of pets being a vector or becoming sick with Covid 19.

There are reports of the virus may be causing clinical disease in a cat... We are watching this closely, but so far this case is unique.

Our staff are receiving the Covid-19 vaccinations to help protect you and us! By mid February 2121 we should be finished and protected. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help end this terrible pandemic.

We are fully open for business!

To help protect you and our staff:

  • We are spacing out appointments so fewer people are in the clinic at any one time.

  • We can meet you in the parking lot and maintain "social distance" or as we prefer to call it a comfort zone.

  • We can bring your pet into the clinic and talk to you via your phone.

  • We can take payment over the phone.

  • We can send documents to you and our specialist partners electronically.

  • We can work within your financial constraints.

  • We can send medicines and supplies to you.

  • We are able to fill many prescriptions over the phone.

  • We can conduct some exams in a telemedicine type format.

  • We are able to do quite a lot of things at your home if you prefer that we come out.

  • As always we sanitize and sterilize everything that is needed to protect you, our staff, and your pets,

  • If you don't feel safe going out or cannot leave your home, we can arrange home visits.

  • If you or someone you associate with become infected with Covid 19, please stay home or notify us before we see your pet,

  • As per State of Oregon guidelines, mouth AND nose coverings are required.

Our supplies of essential items like medicines, food, gloves, towels, ICU and surgery needs remain adequate.

Most importantly, Stay safe! Keep calm! Do healthy things for yourselves and your pets! Be patient with all who you interact with! Love and dote on your pets!

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