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Fire and Disaster Assistance

The impact of regional fires on top of Covid 19 concerns can be overwhelming. We can offer some help for all impacted.

If you have been displaced from your home, we will refill medications that you need for your pets without an exam at our Doctors' discretion. Several restrictions apply: If the condition your pet is being treated for is not stable or new or additional problems come up, we will need to examine them. No controlled drugs can be dispensed without an exam. We can normally access your regular vet for records, if available. If your pet is stable, we will keep you stocked until your life returns to normal.

If you end up in an evacuation center or boarding facility that requires proof of current rabies or other vaccines, we will update your pet with no exam fee.

If your pet has been injured or is having respiratory issues caused by the smoke, fires, and or unplanned displacement, we can treat them at a 50% discount.

Our practice is a mixed animal practice and can help your livestock and horses as well as pets. (Yes chickens are included too!)

If you personally have medical conditions that keep you from safely getting away from your home or evacuation center, we can arrange to do outcalls with no travel fee. We bring a tech to help and can do many things at your home. We wear masks and can increase protections for you as required.

This is a good reminder to have your pets and horses microchipped to facilitate returning them should become separated.

We have access to sample size dog and cat foods for emergency needs, free of charge.

If you know anyone who needs assistance, let us know. We are well connected to our local community and its resources.

We are adding additional staff to help us all get through this series of unfortunate events.

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